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Promotion of Volunteerism/Social Tourism/Expedition

In order to inculcate social responsibility among the people, ARMDS is willing to host individuals/students/groups with an extraordinary experience which they can cherish lifelong and share with friends and become an active citizens for the promotion of human rights. Over the last few years, ARMDS successfully collaborated with UK based Outlook Expedition for organizing camps for the students from different schools. During such expeditions/volunteering/social tourism the participants will be provided with opportunities to get to know the culture of the people in Tamil Nadu and look for areas of collaboration wherever one can fit in, depending on one’s interests.

You are invited to . . .

  • Participate and share your knowledge and skills for the mission of ARMDS;
  •  Make use opportunities for cultural exchange and participate in the ongoing programs of ARMDS and
  • Interact with the children ARMDS is working, work with them and get to know their lifestyle and pattern of life.