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Child Sponsorship

Twenty four (24) single parent children and 10 orphans children are supported. In order to ensure their educational rights we solicit the generosity of individual/ Intuitional donors.

We have a long list of children who are in need of support to continue their formal and vocational education. Benevolent persons can come forward to support these children by way of food, stationery, snacks, uniform and rough clothes. You can adopt a child (if you want the name and bio data, you can receive it through email) and send the amount on monthly or biannual or yearly basis).

The amount you give is significant .and will change the vicious cycle of poverty of the family. What we need is, your thoughtful mind for the poorest of the poor children.

  • For a child, per month it costs Rs 1000 (thousand rupees, equivalent to US $ 12)
  • Per day for all the children( 75 in number) for one meal it is just Rs. 3500 (three thousand five hundred rupees, equivalent to US $ 45

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