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Animators for Rural Multipurpose Development Society (ARMDS) is a social development organization initiated to emancipate the poor and the marginalized communities, namely, women and children, with special reference to those living in especially difficult circumstances, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), Cerebral Palsied and Mentally Retarded (CP/MR), Unemployed Youth and those living ‘At Risk’. Awareness, empowerment through education and training were the strategies employed to help them stand on their legs. ARMDS respects ever the individual in trouble and strives to empower them through means of formal and informal education.  Born as ‘Youth Development Organization’ in 1988, later it was registered as ‘Animators for Rural Multipurpose Development Society’ (ARMDS) in 1990 as the need for formalizing the activities demanded. ARMDS believes in community participation at all levels and respond to the felt needs of the people in the community whose needs reverberate the development initiatives of the organisation. ARMDS is a ‘People Centered’ organization advocating for self-reliance and promoting sustainability at all levels. ARMDS has sound administrative system and transparency is maintained for over all development.

ARMDS has universal approach to social issues and problems of the marginalised communities. It serves all sections of people irrespective of caste and creed who are in need. It adopts multi-pronged approach to solve the social issues. It collaborates with the local Government and Non-Governmental Organizations in finding solution to people’s issues and problems.

Our Vision

Create a Society that promotes inclusive development and cares for the deprived for a dignified human life.

Our Mission

Promote a ‘human rights culture’ through empowering the vulnerable, young ‘at risk’, Persons with Disabilities, Children, Women, the Aged and the Destitute through education, awareness and training.

Area of Operation

Mugaiyur Block 63 village Panchayats
Kanai Block 51 village Panchayats
Thirukovilur Block 64 village Panchayats
Kandamangalam Block 45 village Panchayats

Legal Status of ARMDSS

ARMDS was formally registered in 1990 under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 27 of 1975. The Board of ARMDS has a well knit administrative system, professional experts to support the community development initiatives of the organisation. Further, ARMDS is an Income Tax Exempted organization under section 80G & 12A of Income Tax Act and has been registered under FCRA Act of 1976, registered under PWD Act of 52.

Map of the Target Area