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From the Desk of the Secretary

Dear Friends,

I am filled with great joy to share with you few significant achievements and milestones of ARMDS. I am moved a lot when I see joys of people with whom we are working with for the last few decades. I have found thousands of children continuing their formal education, persons with disability enjoying their entitlements, small and marginal farmers utilising their little landholdings productively, young men and women who were once trained in vocational training courses now employed in the nearby service centres and I rejoice when they come to meet me and acknowledge the support of ARMDS towards their overall development. Certainly, all these developments are possible not without your genuine support. I humbly acknowledge the seriousness put in planning and in the implementation of each development activity over the last few decades. I sincerely express my gratitude to each one of you who played their part in one way or the other.   

Initiated to alleviate the sufferings of our fellow brethren who needed our help desperately, we continue to work with the marginalised with the partnership of friends, well-wishers, local Government and overseas organisations. At ARMDS, every incident and every moment is a moment of great learning. I am filled with immense feelings of gratification to all those who have helped our people to grow. Thanks to all the persons and organisations both within and outside the country without whose relentless support we would not be what we are today.

Currently, the Residential School for the School Dropouts is acting as gateway to enter into regular schools for the underprivileged children. Annually around 50 children are mainstreamed through this effort. The ARPANAM School for the Cerebral Palsy and Mentally Retarded Children gives a great relief for their parents who had to mind them round the clock previously. They are being provided with all possible therapies for improving their daily living skills. Professional are there to provide the possible therapies that would pay way for improving their skills.

We earnestly think of the support being rendered by Ms. Ellen and Mrs. Riet who are representatives of De Brug, The Netherlands for the support to run the vocational courses. With gratitude we remember the support being rendered by VESI, USA towards the development of the Arpanam School. With sincerity, we thank Outlook Expedition Team for choosing ARMDS for organising Expedition Camps to the students from Royal Latin School and Newman School, UK. It was a great time for learning and sharing. We fondly remember also SARI Foundation which has been supporting us for several years and also Strathspey Charitable Trust for their contribution toward the development of the children. For environment education related activities, CP Ramasamy Foundation, Chennai has been very much supportive over the last two decades. We thank you all for the support and partnership.

We are indebted much to the Tamilnadu State Commissioner of Differently Abled, Chennai and District Differently Abled Welfare Officer, Villupuram for their continuous support towards the empowerment of the Children with Disabilities. Thanks to the dedication and guidance of Honorable Chief Educational Officer (SSA), Villupuram, Assistant District Project Coordinator (ADPC), District Coordinator (SSA), Mugaiyur Block Supervisor (SSA), Block Resource Teachers without whose prompt guidance and support, our efforts to rehabilitate the CP/MR and the Residential school children would be in vain.

Looking forward to meeting you all in person when chance permits!

Secretary – ARMDS